You’re not the music 

You’re the headache when the high fades 

A shadow when the light strays

You’re not the music 

You’re the noise 

And I won’t trade my gold for toys 
You’re not the sun, you’re the burn 

A fool who never could wait his turn 

You’re not the rush

You’re the crash 

And I’ll never love cars that drive too fast 
You’re not the light 

But the pitch black memories l lose each night 

You’re not the buzz 

You’re the drink I crave when I’ve already had too much 

And it’s time I lick your taste away   


My world and yours

If my world was mine

Yours was just yours

You would have never walked by.


Instead of entwined,

Your world would go on, and mine side by side.

Now our lives tangled together, perfectly entwined.