Monthly Challenge!

If you are a writer, you will have heard these 3 phrases at least once in your life:

“If you aren’t writing, you should be reading.”

“You can’t be a great writer without reading.”

“ If you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time write.”

These phrases probably ring a bell. And I hope they do! Because I am challenging everyone who sees this post to a reading challenge. As readers, and writers too, we tend to stick with what we like when it comes to genres. Let’s face it, we find a genre we love and once we do it’s hard to pry yourself away. We become secluded in this little bubble, missing out on so many other great things. So not only am I challenging myself to read four books a month but I am also challenging myself to read four different genres. It’s my hope to become familiar with new genres and to better myself as a writer.  I’ll post the titles of the books I’ve read each month and would love to hear back from those who are doing the same. If you want to take the challenge, post your very own list of books you plan to read within a month and hashtag #FourBooksFourWeeks. Below you’ll find my list from April. I’m a slow reader with a full time job and a book a week is totally doable… and still gives leaves me with time to write. The way I see it, reading is the “weight lifting” for writers. It only makes us stronger. I hope you take the challenge!

ON WRITING by Stephen King

SHOTGUN LOVESONGS by Nickolas Butler

RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

A DISCOVERY OF WITHES by Deborah Harkness

#Amwriting #Amreading


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