Monday Motivation: The Start to Every Story

Everything begins with an idea.

When I think about that, I become overwhelmed. No matter what we are looking to create: a business, a design, a novel, everything begins with a simple idea. For me, that is the most exciting part of writing a novel or short story. I love the time before taking pen to paper and having this idea that lives and breathes within my mind, where it’s only a little seed needing so much to grow into what I hope it to be. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s ineffective. But maybe it’s not.

Recently I finished working on my first novel. I began this project several months ago, yet today I am literally still finding crumbled up pieces of scribbled on paper in my coat pockets. A lot of the time I would get an idea and quickly jot it down, then stuff it into a pocket to later expand upon. It is crazy to look back and see these tiny notes now turned into something much bigger… a story. Which was, at one point, just an idea I thought of. The characters that live in this newly constructed world were once just ideas, names, and ink on paper thrown into a pocket. Don’t worry, I’ve since gotten a notebook. RIP finding notes in my pocket.

Here’s a little Monday inspiration for you. Nothing can happen without an idea, so if you have one, water that seed and then let it grow into whatever it is meant to be.

Happy Monday!


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